Buffalo Berries

<center><a class='serendipity_image_link' href='http://www.sarpysam.net/gallery/misc/berries07312006?full=1'><img width='640' height='480' border='0' hspace='5' src='http://www.sarpysam.net/gallery/albums/misc/berries07312006.sized.jpg' alt='' /></a></center><br />n<br />n<center>Not very often is the year right to get Buffalo Berries, but this year they are out in full force. We are not big jelly fans around here but if I wanted My Darling Wife to make some it would be from these. They make the sweetest, best jelly in the world. It ought to be as hard as they are to pick, but well worth it. Taken 7/31/2006.</center>



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