Sick, Twisted Wacko

<img width='165' height='220' border='0' hspace='5' align='left' src='' alt='' /><a href="">Man Says Sex With Kids a Sacred Ritual</a><br />n<br />n<blockquote>A man accused of sexually assaulting nine boys with physical or mental disabilities told a judge that having sex with children is a sacred ritual protected by civil rights laws.<br />n<br />nPhillip Distasio, who said he is the leader of a church called Arcadian Fields Ministries, represented himself at his pretrial hearing Wednesday. He is charged with 74 counts including rape, pandering obscenity to minors and corrupting another with drugs.</blockquote><br />n<br />nThe rope would be to good for this asshole. The way the human mind works simply amazes me. To think these kids consented and then to use a freedom of religion defense. Kill him, pure and simple.<br />n<br />n<strong>I believe in justice, maybe not in this life, but there has to be justice. And if there isn't a God, I think it would be very depressing. I'd prefer to believe there is. David Zucker</strong>



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