I hate to appear on the <a href="">same side</a> as the Northern Plains Resource Council (<acronym title="Northern Plains Resource Council">NPRC</acronym>), but haven't I been saying all along that Schweitzer's fantasy about this coal to fuel scheme being non-polluting <b><u>can't be true</b></u>.<br />n<br />n<blockquote>Contrary to claims by <a href="">Gov. Brian Schweitzer</a>, a large coal-to-liquid fuels plant in Montana would be a major polluter and wouldn't do much to offset foreign fuel imports, says a memo prepared for one of the state's leading conservation groups.<br />n <br />nThe memo, prepared for the Northern Plains Resource Council, says a plant the size being promoted by the governor would create thousands of tons per year of sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, solid waste and other pollutants – as well as use huge amounts of water.</blockquote><br />n<br />nThis seems to be a duh, no shit to me. I am sure glad to be getting the facts about it now instead of later. Maybe with some new pollution control technology this can be done cleaner but it really blows Schweitzer's claims out the door that this will be non-polluting, I wonder what else he is lying about in this scheme?<br />n<br />n<b>There are some people so addicted to exaggeration that they can't tell the truth without lying. Josh Billings</b>