I'm tired of people that only see the problem. Tired of hearing their negativity and sour spirits. Instead of looking for a solution to the problems they face all they can see is the problem and how insurmountable it is. Try something.<br />n<br />nLook around the corner, look up, look down, I don't care which, at least look for a solution instead of just bitching about the problem. Don't look for other people to solve your problems, stand on your own two feet and attack them for all your worth. Once you find your way around the problem life will feel so much better, believe me.<br />n<br />n(This is aimed at no one in particular. It is just a comment in general on defeatist people. If it stung you then look at who you are and how you view the world, don't get mad at me.) <br />n<br />n<b>Any solution to a problem changes the problem. R.W. Johnson</b>