<blockquote>It appears that the new $1-per-pack incease in the tax on cigarettes, approved by voters in November, is reducing the number of cigarettes sold in state. That means the state is receiving less tobacco tax revenue than it anticipated.</blockquote><br />n<br />n(disclaimer)The spelling mistake in the above is in the original from the Gazette. Please don't blame me.(/disclaimer)<br />n<br />nA trained lemming would have been able to tell these idiots that <a href="" target="_new">this was going to happen</a>. The price of things go up drastically and some people are going to quit buying it. This is basic economic theory that even a dumb, non college educated, cowboy like me can understand. I wish I understood what substance these people use for brains. They obviously need something better.<br />n<br />n<b>The people here are idiots-idiots! There's not an hour I don't think of it. I'm shut out here and they won't let me go. Maurice Utrillo</b>