Sometimes things go great and other times it really sucks. Yesterday turned out to be a fairly bad day. Oh, the weather was fine and got a lot done and there night even be a chance of rain today so all that was good but having calving trouble on the cows spoiled all that.<br />n<br />nWent over to feed and started feeding and a calf caught my eye. It was bawling and bawling and just didn't seem right so I drove over to it and looked and he was starving to death. What happened to his mommy and how he got seperated from her I don't know but to save him I had to bring him home to feed him. I was bummed but it can happen so we grabbed him and kept feeding.<br />n<br />nA little further along what do I find, another calf in the same situation. Now I was disturbed. Two in the same day? That was odd. We grabbed him and threw him in the pickup and continued to feed.<br />n<br />nThen what do we find? Yet another starving calf. Now I was totally disgusted. Three in one day is unheard of in good weather. I studied him for a long time not because I didn't think he needed help but because I really couldn't believe three calves starving in one day. We grabbed him and continued on very disgustedly to finish feeding.<br />n<br />nThen right at the end I see another calf I am suspicious of not having a mommy but I am not sure. We left him but I won't be surprised if I bring him home today. I have no concept why such a rash of calves but I am bummed. Hopefully today goes better.<br />n<br />nSo with out further ado meet the new bums. <a class="block_level" href="http://www.sarpysam.com/archives/863-Bums.html#extended">Continue reading "Bums"</a>