20 below yesterday morning and 10 below this morning. Winter temperatures for you but it sure makes life tough. The hired man had so many clothes on he could barley move. I'm not real sure what more he's going to do if it gets real cold like it can. Everything seems to want to break down when its that cold and make life miserable. Set out to feed yesterday and halfway over to the cattle I tore the axle out from under the hay trailer. The mounts holding the springs to the axle broke off. I am always breaking springs on the axles and I have spare parts but to break the mounts is a new one. Luckily I have another trailer to feed with and used it. <br />n<br />nToday now I need to take the axle to town to get it welded on. We can scratch weld around here but this is too important to have done right so we will take it into the expert welders in town to get fixed right. Also need to figure out what is wrong with one of the generators that is used for pumping water. It's not working right now that its a little colder and am going to have to fix it. Cold temperatures, broken equipment, I guess that's what makes this job so fun <img src="" alt=";-)" class="emoticon" />.<br />n<br />n<b>Cold dark deep and absolutely clear,element bearable to no mortal Elizabeth Bishop</b>