I was too exhausted last night to post this, in fact I didn't even watch the dual press conferences last night, so heres an update. For those that don't know shipping is a rancher's payday because it's when he sells the majority of their calves. Yesterday 210 steers went down the road, they weighed an average of 605 lbs. a piece. I know, everybody heard all spring and summer I had no grass and now I turn around and wean the heaviest calves in the ranches history. It must have been pretty stout grass. I only missed the contract weight by 67 lbs. too heavy and had to take 5.44 cent penalty per pound because of it. That's fine, I still have 50 head of steers to sell.<br />n<br />n144 Heifers went down the road too. They averaged 550 lbs. which again is the heaviest heifers ever weaned. I took a 3.32 cent penalty on them for being too heavy. But still have some of these to sell to so nothing to complain about. My darling wife took some pictures and here is a picture of the heifers while we were loading steers.<br />n<!–more–><br />n<img src=""><br />n<br />n<br />n<a href="">David</a> was asking what the brand was and you can see it plainly on the red calf. A bar over a lazy W on the right rib. Also of note in the picture is me. If you look real close in the center of the photo you will see my black hat somewhat near the trucker in the red baseball cap so now you have seen a picture of me. <img src="" alt=":-)" class="emoticon" /> Well going to try to work all the cows today so another big day.<br />n<br />n<b>Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction. Anne Frank</b>