I'm really confused about something and maybe somebody out there can help. If a mother fails to feed her baby, by law the authorities will take the baby away and prosecute the mom. The catch here is that it appears to take a special law to allow women to <a href="">feed their babies</a> and only 20 states, luckily Montana is one, have that law. What do women in the other 30 states do? Cower in fear in dark hidden corners of authorities arresting them under obscenity ordnances? <br />n<br />nThis whole issue must give Republicans fits. According to them, one view of a bared breast excites lewd and lascivious behavior in men and needs to be banned (aka Janet Jackson), but in this instance doing that would be working against the All-American family. I guess the answer for them is to allow them to do it, but only in dark corners, cowering in fear.<br />n<br />n<b>When I first got here, every time you&acirc;