Ranch Update

A quick update on the ranch. Finished putting up the barley hay a couple of days ago. Was I ever glad that chore was done. Got about 1 3/4 ton per acre. Damn good yeild if you ask me. Considering that from the time I planted it until the middle of June it had no rain I was highly impressed. Just goes to show you how little rain it takes to grow something in this country. My back has been giving me fits and driving the stacker made it much worse since the cab of it was obviously designed for somebody about 5' 10" and weighing 150 lbs. Trying to fit my 6'3" 275 pound frame in the thing twists me into a pretzel which just irratates my back further. Now that I am done off to the chiropractor today to straighten me out if that is possible.<br />n<!–more–><br />nIf you remember, after the June storm I talked about a <a href="http://www.nowherethoughts.net/sarpysam/archives/000418.html">spring</a> being plugged up by silt and I didn't know what I was going to do about it. Well I kind of got it working but have been having trouble with it and wasn't sure if I was going to have to hire someone to clean it out or what. Finally figured out what the problem was yesterday and it won't be too hard to fix. The flood instead of depositing debris in the spring, lifted the silt out of it, which is good in the long run, and washed the spring clean. This caused the pipe that drains the water out to become partially uncovered and lift up out of the water. Just have to find a way to hold the pipe at the right level and all will be good.<br />n<br />nOne big thing, saw a bear while going to fix the spring yesterday. Don't see to many of them around here so it is a pretty noteworthy occurrence. Don't ask for any pictures, I wasn't carrying one and even if I had it was over 2 miles away so a picture wouldn't have been possible.<br />n<br />nOtherwise same thing around here. Cows and calfs are fat and looking good. Keep the water pumping for the cows and watch them eat what grass there is. I have a neighbor that is about out of grass since he belives in overgrazing all his pastures. Don't know what he is going to do for grass here shortly. Not my problem though. I have enough grass for this year and I will let next year come as will and hopefully will get enough grass and moisture then to continue on.<br />n<br />n<b>Now life is the only art that we are required to practice without preparation, and without being allowed the preliminary trials, the failures and botches, that are essential for the training of a mere beginner. On these terms, the whole operation seems one of endless difficulty and frustration; and indeed, were it not for the fact that some of the passages have been played so often by our predecessors that, when we come to them, we seem to recall some of the score and can anticipate the natural sequence of the notes, we might often give up in sheer despair. The wonder is not that so much cacophony appears in our actual individual lives, but that there is any appearance of harmony and progression. Lewis Mumford</b>