With the lack of natural water on my ranch, I rely on pumping water to water my cattle. This year to keep the cattle spread out on the thin grass I am pumping more water than ever. Six wells require pumping and when you live in the Middle of Nowhere there is no electricity to pump them. Six wells require six generators which is all I have. This leads to the problem of what to do if one quits working. I have been concerned about this for a month now and guess what happened yesterday. You got it, one of them would not start. In fact the engine itself was locked up so tight it would not even turm over. Took it to town to real mechanics and it was an easy fix, if they had the parts. No place in Billings had the parts to fix it. They are supposed to be here today and I can get the generator. <br />n<br />nWhat about the cattle you may ask? Well for a change the generator that died was in a place that earlier I was desperate for water but the big flooding thunderstorm that came through in June filled a reservoir near it and it is not so vital now. The only reason I was still pumping it was to keep the cattle scattered on the grass better but they can walk to the reservoir near it and be fine. Just a little problem that crops up from time to time which can be a big problem if it is at a place where a lot of cattle are watering and you have no options. Knock on wood, luckily that hasn't happened yet this year but easily could.<br />n<br />n<b>Expect problems and eat them for breakfast. Alfred A. Montapert</b>