Well I didn't sleep very well last night. You may wonder why. I woke up about 1:30 am to hear the rain hitting the house and it has been ever since. It was a sound I haven't hears in so long that I just couldn't sleep. Looking at the radar it looks like it is going to keep it up for a while too. As you might have figured out by now there is always a problem with me though. There is an old saying, "better late than never" and this rain would fall in that categorey. The grass growing season ends around here between June 15th and June 30th so i am not real sure how much good this will do me. It does make me feel better though so it has to count for something.<br />n<br />n<b>Too late in the wrong rain<br />nThey come together whom their love parted:<br />nThe windows pour into their heart<br />nAnd the doors burn in their brain.<br />nDylan Thomas</b>