Was <a href="">anybody in charge</a> of the Abu Ghraib prison? Everybody seems to be sidestepping the issue and trying to lay blame on somebody else. When I was in the military I was taught to be responsible for my actions and those I was in charge of, even if I wasn't there directly supervising them. In this situation everybody seems to be trying to pass the buck. It is just flat embarassing. The one thing that is important to remember in this situation is that this is one unit in Iraq and does not reflect upon all soldiers in Iraq. I remember all Vietnam Vets being called "baby killers" because of the actions of a few. The same goes here, most soldiers in Iraq are doing there job in an exemplary manner and should not be blamed by Americans for the actions of a few soldiers at a prison.<br />n<br />n<b>Responsibility for political conditions thousands of miles away can no longer be avoided, I think, by this great Nation. Certainly I don&acirc;