Experts Advice

Now maybe I'm beating a dead horse about this drought but it is very integral part of my life right now. I had mentioned earlier that a <a href="">"panel of experts"</a> was going to be meeting to tell people what to do about the drought. Well I see the Gazette has an <a href="">article about the conference</a> this morning. For people who don't know anything about agriculture and drought there might be a little useful information in it. If you are in the business and didn't all ready know what they are talking about you got no right being in the business. The part I really found laughable is the July 1st decision date they mention.<br />n<br />n<i>"On July 1, you should be able to walk out and look at the range and say, 'There is a very good chance this is it,' " he said.<br />n<br />nBy that date, producers should have the information they need to start making decisions, he said.</i><br />n<br />nPeople that wail this long to make their decisions on what to do are digging themselves a big hole and it gets real hard to crawl out of that hole. True drought planing requires decisions and action much earlier to preserve your scarce recourses from being devastating as I discussed in my last evenings post. I don't think much of these experts giving such poor advice.