Indian Education for All

Education is one of our most fundamental goals that we as a society can provide for our children so spending our scant education dollars on things that are talked about in <a href="">this article </a>is questionable to me. All I ever hear about is that we need to spend more money on education to properly educate our children. The real battle appears to me to be what should we educate our children about. Should they be taught the basics or try to be taught everything every special interest group decides they should know.<br />n<!–more–><br />nI come from a little different school of thought in that we need to teach our kids the basics and teach them the <i>ability</i> to learn and think on there own. Instead of force feeding them a viewpoint in school, they need to be taught to question the validity of an argument and how to discover the truth for themselves. But sadly our school systems don&acirc;