Just a Dumb Ranchers Wonderings

  • Beef Alternative

    It seems like many people, including farmers, have found an alternative to beef.  RABBIT.   I am not to sure how commercially viable this idea is for ranches like mine.  How many rabbits could I run per acre?  How do I contain them?  Gather them?  How much labor do they take?  Lots of questions.  But maybe…

  • Classified Documents

    First Trump.  Then Biden.  Then Pence. All it really tells me is that those in power, whether Republican or Democrat, have no respect for classified documents and the proper handling of them.  They really need to do better and show these things and the American people the respect they deserve.

  • Muzzle

  • Falling out of love

    "Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life." I've seen this quote quite a few times and agree with it. My question is what happens when you fall out of love? Then it's nothing but completely miserable.

  • Trade Problems

  • Ego

    Do we really need to be doing this? Is Trump’s ego that fragile that he needs to <a href=”http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-media-idUSKBN15600I”>dispute crowd claims</a> at the inauguration? As they say around here, “cowboy up.” Sorry about your job Trump, not your ego. We the American people don’t need this shit.

  • Times are a changing

    New president. Is that really really going to fix any of our problems? I don't see how. Most of what he wants to do is contradictory. As an example, he wants to lower taxes and increase spending on infrastructure and the military. Where is the money coming from to do this after he powers taxes?…

  • Hurt

    Something I heard in my many years of life is that the older your kids get the more they can hurt you. This is so true. My oldest really did a number on me today. She is mad at me for what I see as caring for her and My Darling Wife's relationship with each…

  • Farm Bill

    I was asked what I thought of the new farm bill and how it would affect me. To tell you the truth I don't know. I dont "farm the government" so I don't pay attention much to the farm bill. By "farming the government," I mean that you plant crops and control your operation to…

  • Organic

    I heard something today that I had to say something about. There was a person on a cooking program and they were talking about cooking venison and they ended by saying that the best thing about venison was that it was organic by definition. This really proves to me that the food consuming public has…